Ayahuasca Retreat 2 days

This ayahuasca retreat is recomended for first time ayahuasca patients, who want to know the power of this natural medicine, in the firts day the patient will experience this magical ceremony with ayahuasca and leaded by the healer shaman , who will be there singing ikaros and prayings looking to help you to reach out your objectives, during the ceremony will be present a nurse who will check, how ayahuasca works in your system. next day we will share the experience of the last night and the coordinator and healer shaman will translate what are the visions during the ceremony.

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The Ayahuasca retreat includes:

      • Your retreat will be overseen by 2 to 4 shamans Andean Qeros and Amazonian Shipibo.
      • Coca leaves reading (personal diagnosis and cosultation)
      • Cleansing and floral ceremony (spiritual purification works with Forgiveness)
      • One Ayahuasca Ceremony
      • Offering of gratitude to Pachamama or Mother Earth
      • Group up to 10 participants
      • Experienced assistant / translator to guide guests thought the retreat with processing and integrating the healing experiences.
      • An emergency nurse will be present during the Ayahuasca ceremony
      • A basic medical check will be conducted to ensure your suitability for the ayahuasca ceremony
      • Visit to the sixtina chapel of cusco or museum in andahuailillas
      • Individual consultations with the shamans to discuss your experiences and healing process
      • Group meetings to share your experiences
      • 5 Different healings (shamanic healing technique)
      • All food and drinks is a delicious simple vegetarian diet suitable for working with medicinal plants/ Ayahuasca
      • Translation from Quechua/Spanish to English
      • All transport to and from the retreat center
      • Accommodation – within our facilities you may find the basic life necessities such as shared bedrooms with a capacity of three people as well as shared bathrooms.
      • All retreat facilitated in English

      *It is good for you to know that different parties of people may overlap at the retreat, but they will never be more than 10 participants for any giving Ayahuasca ceremony.

      Important note:

      We will look to meet at your hotel by the fountain at 10am one day before the start of the retreat. From there we will take you to drink the medicinal water. You are required to be nil by mouth for 3-4 hours before this process begins. After the purge you are able to eat and reconvene your regular activities under the restrictions listed.

      You most book a hotel by yourself for this night, if you like we can recommend you some places, and they arrange as well transfer from the airport to the hotel. A representative of “Tanis Ayahuasca Retreat” will be there waiting for you.

      The next day we will look to meet at the same place at 9:30am. From there we will travel by shuttle bus to the retreat center. You are required to fast and drink just water.

Day 1

10:00 Shuttle bus from your hotel to the retreat center

11:00 Meeting with the staff and orientation of the center

11:30 Group meeting – introduction to the shamans, discussion about Ayahuasca and ceremonies intentions.

12:30 Coca leaves ceremony and prayer for the unification of energies

13:00 Coca leaves reading – personal diagnosis

15:00 Cleansing and floral ceremony

16:00 Time to relax

19:50 Preparation for ceremony, quiet /personal meditation in the main hall.

20:00 Ayahuasa ceremony

Day 2

8:00 Breakfast

9:00 Offering of gratitude to Pachamama or Mother Earth

10:30 Group meeting – a chance to share the teachings you learn from the Ayahuasca ceremony. An explanation of dietary restriction post-retreat.

11:30 Individual consultation with shaman

11:30 Opportunity to buy cultural hand craft from the shipibo and Andean shamans

12:50 Group photo with Shamans and farewell

13:00 Visit to the sixtina chapel of cusco or museum in andahuailillas

14:00 Transport back to Cusco


Pre retreat restrictions

Dietary: Do not consume drugs, alcohol, coffee or chocolate for two days prior to your Ayahuasca ceremony. Avoid canned food, red meat and pork, cold cuts, spicy food and excessive salt and sugar. Do not take any medical prescription (natural or otherwise), drugs, antibiotics, injections, pills, supplement, vitamins or others. No food or beverages that have artificial colors flavors or preservatives.

During your stay with us we remind you that it is not permitted to smoke, drink alcohol or to take any type of prescription or non-prescription drugs without consulting us.

Food: Eat well. Good organic food is recommended. If you’re not vegetarian you can consume chicken or fish. To strengthen the brain we recommend eating ceviche (Peruvian food) and ask for tiger’s milk/leche de tigre (both without spicy_ sin aji) this is a concentrate juice of the ceviche.

Other: It is recommended that you refrain from have sex or masturbating a day before the retreat as can reduce physical energy levels making it harder to cope with the effects of ayahuasca.

It is suggested that the women who are menstruating or pregnant abstain from participating. Period pain and discomfort may result in a negative experience while journeying with Ayahuasca. However, if you do not experience sever pain or discomfort then it is ok for you partake.

We recommend waiting till the second or third day of a period to allow you to gauge the intensity of the pain

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